Olivia Allen-Arrington(Headliner)
Olivia Allen-Arrington Granddaughter, daughter and sister of cops. Olivia Allen-Arrington thought one day she would follow that fine family tradition but instead she decided she would buy her own coffee and donuts. Olivia's natural humor is drawn from growing up on the south side of Chicago in the Catholic school system. Never sheltered from the ups and downs of life, she always managed to see the brighter side of every situation. Olivia Allen-Arrington is one of America's hottest rising, hard working, stand-up comedians! This mother of three teenage boys spans the globe touring military bases, Theatres, and comedy clubs all over the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia. Olivia's level of consciousness occurred 13 years ago when she became a huge fan of comedy, attending a local Houston comedy club every weekend as a devoted audience member. Suddenly a thought occurred to her....."Hey, I can do this!" After getting her courage together, along with 5 minutes of comedy material, Olivia took the stage. She has toured with Steve Harvey as well as opened for musical greats such as Angela Bofill and Alex Bugnon. Olivia's refreshing brand of humor serves as a great diversion for troops all over the world. Her routine covers subjects from male-female relationships to dieting to raising boys . Olivia has performed on Black Entertainment Television's nationally syndicated comedy show "Comic View" as well as BETs Action PPV Step Up To The Mike taped in Jamaica. Also SiTV's "Insid eJokes and "The Latino Comedy Festival." This fresh face is coming on strong and is here to stay.

Lamont Ferguson
Lamont Ferguson started his comedy career at the ripe age of 17. Having been a highly touted musician throughout high school, it seemed only natural. Lamont’s trumpet playing got him such prestigious gigs as opening band musician for Miss Ella Fitzgerald as well as various Las Vegas performances. Lamont made his first stand-up appearance at the La Jolla Comedy Store and according to him it’s been “one long war of attrition after that.” In the past 20 years he’s played everywhere from Anchorage to Yuma and all letters in between. He’s been honing his craft for all those years. “I feel like if I can provide a good living for my family doing something that I love, then in a sense I have made it…but a pay raise can never hurt,” says Ferguson. Lamont’s act is constantly evolving, changing with him as he grows. “That’s what makes Cosby so great, he’s been funny, I mean double over funny for the past 30 years!” That’s what I base my plan on. “ Seattlecomedy.net wrote about Ferguson: “Having the benefit of seeing Lamont a few times … I am constantly impressed by his professionalism. He simply doesn't make mistakes--he doesn't stumble over words, he doesn't step on the audience's laughs, and he drops every punch line at the perfect time to deliver maximum impact...and yet, he never seems over-rehearsed or too polished. Everything he says, somehow, seems to be coming right from his head to his lips...as he is so in the moment-- That is a gift.”