Olivia Allen-Arrington (Headliner)
Olivia Allen-Arrington Granddaughter, daughter and sister of cops. Olivia Allen-Arrington thought one day she would follow that fine family tradition but instead she decided she would buy her own coffee and donuts. Olivia's natural humor is drawn from growing up on the south side of Chicago in the Catholic school system. Never sheltered from the ups and downs of life, she always managed to see the brighter side of every situation. Olivia Allen-Arrington is one of America's hottest rising, hard working, stand-up comedians! This mother of three teenage boys spans the globe touring military bases, Theatres, and comedy clubs all over the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia.

Joe Bronzi
Joe Bronzi is a trained actor who began his comedy career in the early 1990s, by winning the titles of "Funniest College Student in the Hudson Valley" and "Funniest College Student in New York". In the late 90's, Joe moved onto Long Island and began appearing regularly on the island and in Manhattan. In early 2003, he won the title of "Funniest Long Island Comic" at Stand-Up NY.