Marc Sinodinos (Headliner)
“Nostradamus once predicted that in the 21st century, an auburn topped Fabio would appear and change the way we think about stand up comedy forever. That time is now, and that scarlet sensation is Canada’s own Marc Sinodinos. Born from humble beginnings, Marc was the only child of Ms. America and Mr. Universe. Destined for stardom at an early age, Marc was student body president in kindergarten, and in the 8th grade he was named valedictorian of the high school he had not even attended yet. His legend only grew from there, when as a freshman he nailed the head cheerleader, and as a senior he nailed the head custodian. As captain of the football team, Marc threw and caught every single touchdown pass on route to a national championship. At the tender age of 18 and with ice water in his veins, Marc started performing stand up comedy, and during his first set, he pulled Bruce Springsteen on stage, and solidified himself among the greats. Beside his many accolades in comedy, Marc is also an accomplished writer, knife fight survivor, and mixed singles tennis champion. During his spare time he builds spaceships so he can abduct aliens. He has had multiple three ways with different Siamese twins, leaving each pair satisfied and separated. He has won a Noble Peace Prize for fighting for your right to party, and during his acceptance speech, Jesus thanked him. His material is well crafted and absurd, and his style is a perfect blend of silliness, wit, and edge. Women love him, men hate how much they love him."

Nile Séguin
Nile Séguin is one funny dude. He has opened for Sugar Sammy as part of the first bilingual comedy stand up show You’re Gonna Rire (over 50 performances in Montréal alone) and was the first comic to perform at both the Festival Juste Pour Rire and it’s English counterpart Just For Laughs in the same year. Besides performing to critical acclaim, Nile recently completed the Triple Crown of Canadian Comedy Festivals going to the Just for Laughs Festival, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and the Halifax Comedy Festival in a single year. He also was a part of the Sudbury Comedy Festival and the Cottage Country Comedy Festival. Nile’s style works on stage, television, radio and film. Nile has written for award winning national television for shows such as This Hour Has 22 Minutes and the Gemini Award wining The Hour (where he was a regular on air contributor). He also made his first film appearance in the critically acclaimed indie comedy Ham and Cheese. Nile has also recently written, starred in, produced and directed his first short film "Third Date". He is a regular on air contributor for CBC Radio and is also a writer on the radio sketch comedy show The Irrelevant Show which took home the bronze medal at the International Radio Broadcasting Awards in New York City.