Mike Dambra (Headliner)
Mike Dambra has become famous for, nay, almost dependent upon, a joke so politically incorrect it can cause even insensitive boors to swoon in shock – a routine about retards. That’s right: Retards. Being from New York is his excuse for using the word “retard” instead of “special needs” or some such – he uses the word “homo,” too – but the Edmonton-based comic has a deeper agenda. At the Laugh Shop Friday and Saturday, Dambra is expected to pull out the popular “Pickle Bit.” The routine was born when a female heckler objected to his using the word “retard” in an otherwise unrelated joke many years ago. Apparently she got so mad she flipped a table over. As is the case with almost every comedian’s personal experience, Dambra got to work, searching for the humour. Voila! The Pickle Bit.

Pierre Brault
Pierre Brault has over fifty years of performing experience, which is amazing for a guy in his early forties. He's worked clubs and theatres from Vancouver to St. Johns, from Dublin to Melbourne and beyond, his eye catches things others miss and his tongue utters what others think using words no one can pronounce. Whether walking to Tim Horton's or swimming a beach in Vietnam, Pierre's international perspective brings it all home.