Trent McClellan (Headliner)
I hate doing these bios! You come on here looking to be impressed but it’s awkward to talk about what you’ve accomplished like a rapper. Also, someone is going to print this out and try and read it to introduce me at an event but it will be of no use. Really, none of it matters because I still have to make the crowd laugh tonight. No one cares what I did last year. I attribute anything I’ve done to hard work and good fortune. I am very weary of people who relay their accomplishments all the time like they’re at a job interview. Well, here goes! I’ve been extremely lucky to be honest and been able to do lots of cool things in comedy like the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, St.John’s Exit Realty Comedy Fest, the Moncton Hup Cap Comedy Festival, the Edmonton Comedy Festival, and YYC Calgary Comedy Festival. I recorded a comedy special for CTV and the Comedy Network a few years back that still airs on your television. I say I’ve been lucky because even though I’ve worked hard, so have other comedians. Any time you get booked anywhere it simply means the people doing the booking enjoy your stuff. It doesn’t mean you’re the greatest comedian in the universe it just means those bookers would like to have you coming to their festival, event, or show.

Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan is a Stand-Up Comic, Actor, Chef and generally harmless Muslim who has performed on stages across Canada, in the U.S. and twice in the Middle East at the Amman Stand-Up Comedy Festival. In 2012 Ali was invited to perform at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal and Toronto's JFL42. In 2014 Ali performed at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. He was also nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for ‘Best Breakout Artist’. He is known for his improvisational abilities with audiences as well as for his charm and wit. His comedy routines tackle everything from food to culture to his introduction to parenthood – which is encapsulated in his One Man Show called FROM ZERO TO HERO, a comedic journey of a single man becoming a father of 3 children in under two years. Ali is the host of Laugh Out Loud on CBC Radio & SiriusXM, with a base of over a million listeners. He was also the Lead Comedy Panelist on CBC Television's George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, recording over 160 episodes between 2012 and 2014.